Atentive to a ‘t’!

Atentive is a London-based agency working in the brand consultancy, production management and public relations space. Atentive is organised into three segments; Brand Communication & Engagement, Fashion Consulting & Development and Events and Production Management.

Our services include Brand Consultancy, Content Creation, Event Management, Influencer Marketing, Logistics Support, Production Management and Public Relations (PR).

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Atentive has curated and produced numerous experiences, from brand activation events to fashion shows to photoshoots and video productions (editorial and campaigns) – all aimed at storytelling, driving awareness and creating conversations with target audiences.

Additionally, we collaborate and provide auxiliary production and management support for varied special projects from intimate events to larger affairs. Service offerings cover all aspects of our client’s request from concept creation to event and production management.

Past events have included brand presentations, campaign videos, dinners, editorial and campaign shoots, fashion films, fashion shows, music videos, store launches and parties that elicits envy from our client’s competitors.

PR and Brand Consultancy

Atentive understands attention. Paying close attention on behalf of our clients is what we do. With years of experience in public relations, we generate and curate attention in the media space leveraging relationships to build awareness for brands in the fashion, retail and lifestyle sector. On the consulting side, we leverage our vast knowledge base and penchant for being perceptive to help brands achieve their intended goal.

Our marquee services include brand strategy and development, campaign organisation and delivery, earned media acquisition, showrooming, sample trafficking and much more.

Talent Sourcing

Atentive has worked with hundreds of key opinion leaders and influencers over the years at various levels in support of our client’s campaigns and activations. Having amassed a deep understanding of what works and why brands win, we carved out our influencer acquisition and management services to help brands engage the right talent and reach their goals.

Our services include influencer acquisition, social media campaign development and management, influencer consultancy.